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"You don't have the Cheek Bones"

Published on 08 Dec 2020 / In Cointel Pro Shills

Fucking Clown ran away sharpish when he got called out

since when was shit yellow

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frogman 1 month ago

Clown world!!!

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OBRYprojekt 1 year ago

i don't know this guy, but he is doing nothing towards advancing any education on the state of races and racial dynamics. I am German/Irish. I love and prefer my own people. I do not tolerate denigration of my people. At the same time, I want there to be other races, living in their own lands, and not depriving or harming my own people. To what degree are we going to be able to interact when things are finally set right, and what will be our future dynamics, I can't say. However, calling non whites "shit skins" and women "whores" isn't helping the cause of my people. It's not helping anyone. It's only furthering ignorance and misunderstanding on all sides concerning the current situation we find ourselves in.

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Arnoldus Priamos
Arnoldus Priamos 12 months ago

hes a gypsy ... a bastard

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1 year ago


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PatriisVirtutibus 1 year ago

Called out by a shitskin. They know what we look like because we are their mortal enemies and they want to be us.

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14Unger88 1 year ago

Lmfao got em

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