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White Virtue Signalers Enriched by 'Black Lives Matter'

Published on 15 Jan 2022 / In Niggers

White people are dumb.

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DanKnowsEverything 3 months ago

Fuck those white, nigger cock sucking race traitors. They "dezerbs" whatever ANYBODY (including the niggers) wants to do to them. Enjoy your nigger rap, you cucked white weaklings.

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twistedjoker 3 months ago

stupid race traitors and liberals support niggers and the niggers try to kill them never trust a nigger.

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FeminineRevival 4 months ago

These are the pathetic liberal guys taken by egalitarianism. They are the ones that cry out "I am not racial" as they get beaten to death.

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a non
a non 4 months ago

That's what the jew censorship elsewhere is mainly for: to prevent any instances of reality from getting through.

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serpentslayer 4 months ago

niggers cant aim

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