The WTV Team will be running diagnostics very soon to solve the problem some are having with uploads, We have Weathered a storm recently that some have never came back from my brothers and sisters and I am proud of all the support the members here gave me during the event, Danke.

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..compilation of things to make you mostly go "oh do fook off" #352

Published on 22 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

...⁣Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines

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humanlover 4 months ago

Hocus sir, This is one of your finest works. Sincerely, Ted.

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Patriotsprevail54 4 months ago

Fantastic video!!
Another favorite for my collection!! Thank you!! Great work. Always Look forward to your Fook off videos. They give me hope.

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XOTFAJ100 4 months ago

You can clearly see the propogandization of the subhuman hordes via the FAJ / SOS / GOG anti White rhetoric and hate policies ; that are splattered and broadcast over all forms of media : { WORLDWIDE }:

The hordes of subhuman filth have been thoroughly conditioned to cull White's and not be held accountable for their murders !

This BS can only go on so long and the damn holding back White Rage and Vengance will be released as a Hellstorm !!

Extermination will be their reward !!!

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