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And Now, a Commercial Break. Stay Tuned For: 🎶 Who Doesn't Want More Niggers?! 🎶

Niccolo Machiavelli
Published on 10 Jan 2022 / In Comedy

Denny's: Even niggers can afford us.

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OGITH Hamilton
OGITH Hamilton 11 days ago

i Dont Wanna Look at ANY Nasty Smelly Monkey Families' Where They Belong is Either in Africa' or DEAD Like SO.

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Allophylian 4 months ago

Stop acting like Godless barbarians - oh sorry - you can't. Then maybe the world will change for you. I ain't holding my breath too soon

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Lawi 4 months ago

And Now, a Commercial Break

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4 months ago

That commercial ensures I won't go there. You'd probably get piss in your coffee and feces in your short stack.

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