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Lord Resigns in British Parliament & Storms Out Over Government Fraud

Published on 25 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

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Joseph_Goebbels 3 months ago

The calm before the storming out.

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WhiteNight 4 months ago

LOL storms OUT wow.... storms out before the storm, they smell the dry rope day coming for what they done and have not done, its too late now since that many people been jabbed, died and will die, loss and lives as they have planned

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Beyond Infinity
Beyond Infinity 4 months ago

Hmm 🤔, UK is getting very weird. Is it Rats Jumping of a Sinking Ship, trying to save there Asses? Why, that would mean the Investigation is Real and there is still Common Law in Power over there.
Is this all a Show for something else? i can´t see it.

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ocs101 4 months ago

the jews sold them down the river like always

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