I am Gravely Disappointed, Once again someone made me unleash my Dogs Of War, If you upload movies and fail to see if it is under DMCA Dominion and I get a complaint from Jews that run Hollywood...You get deleted Forthwith, Danke.

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Germany is rising up against covid tyranny and mandatory vaccinations

Published on 18 Jan 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough


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Europeanflower 4 months ago

Hail Germany.

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WarrenofAlbyne 4 months ago

Wohlan !
OUR Sachsen brothers and sisters are RELATED to the Brittons (even though only 3% or 4% by number) however they have more balls than most of the Brittons upon OUR island.

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HereAmI 4 months ago

In the UK, I call for a complete paralysis by articulated truck, agricultural vehicle, and private conveyance, of the whole of London surrounding the dens of iniquity previously known as the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, and Buckingham Palace.
No person will be allowed to enter or exit except on foot, whereupon they will immediately be arrested and placed in custody in Belmarsh Prison pending charges being laid against them, and subsequent trial before Common Law courts.
On the proscribed list, as was shown to us by Sulla in a previous time and age, will be
1. The person falsely describing herself as queen of the realm, who has not spoken out in defence of the people throughout this entire totalitarian takeover episode; and her eldest and second eldest sons, who will be publicly stripped of all royal appendages, appurtenances, and honours.
2. The criminal known as Tony Blair.
3. The entire governmental apparatus including its supposed head, who is a jew, and therefore not fit, according to common sense and scriptural injunction, to rule over us - alongside the satanist whore who describes herself as his wife.
The Leader of the Opposition, Keir Starmer QC, who will be set to work in the future realm as a roadsweeper, unless he wishes to join his fellow socialist / communist colleagues in Belmarsh.
4. The BBC will be shut down as an enterprise immediately, and its fake newscasters arrested and imprisoned; a truthful group of people being placed in that location in their stead.
The person who recently climbed the facade of Bush House and began to destroy the paedophile statue placed there will be given every assistance to return to the site of his heroic act, and to complete his task.
5. The person known as Julian Assange will immediately be released from torturous incarceration, and allowed to decide where in the realm he wishes to reside, at public expense, the acknowledged difficulties concerning the Wikileaks organization notwithstanding.
Should the proletariat decide that they wish to continue as a constitutional monarchy, then Prince William may be called upon to step into the role.
Capital Punishment will be immediately returned as the final sanction against treason, which the aforementioned Tony Blair, satanist and sodomite, removed from the statute books.
A national referendum will then be held on the simple topic of whether we wish to expel all coloured and foreign elements from the UK, starting with the recently arrived floods of boat people being sent to these shores by the vile creature known as Emmanuel Macron.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 4 months ago

Hear, Hear. i second this call though im in Finland.

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HereAmI 4 months ago

Pigs and pigettes cannot stand against massed lines of cars and trucks assaulting them.
If they open fire, which is their only recourse, then it's game on, and open warfare will be declared.
Any pig or pigette opening fire will be ruthlessly exterminated.
Angela dear, we are coming for you, and also the "president" of Austria.

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XOTFAJ100 4 months ago

Fucking coward ass pig shit everywhere you look !!
Over 98% of all pig shit , in every White Nation are White !!
They are guilty of Treason - Sedition - Betrayal of their own flesh and blood families - race and nations !!
They will soon be exterminated , next to the FAJ / SOS and the global horde of 9 billion invading weaponized subhumanity ; that they were hired to serve - protect and defend !!
Behold what a fucking traitor to their own White Race looks like , fellow White Brethren !!
They take their 30 pieces of silver and shit on their families - ancestors and nations !!!
The end of the Age is here , we are seeing it happen in real time !

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