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Operation Chalice - The Hunt For Britain's Migrant Rape Gangs (2013)

Published on 25 Dec 2021 / In Documentaries

⁣The Telford White child sexual exploitation scandal is an ongoing scandal in the United Kingdom. Originally, a group of Asian men were convicted of grooming local White children for sex between 2007 and 2009 in Telford, in Shropshire England.

While media reports had suggested 100 or more underage girls had been affected and around 200 Paki perpetrators were suspected, in March 2018 the Sunday Mirror reported that up to 1,000 white girls may have been abused, with some even murdered and cannibalized, in incidents dating back to the 1970s.

According to the Home Office, as of 2015, Telford had the highest rate of sex crimes against children of any city in the United Kingdom.

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