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Published on 09 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

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TheDemonKing 3 months ago

Virus's cannot reproduce on their own
If virus's cannot spread between different creatures or like some say if they are created by the human body there are a couple problems
How do virus's which have no reproductive capability still exist if they cannot spread between hosts?
Why would these virus's have identical identifiable genetic material withing different hosts?
If the human body created virus's for the dumb reasons I've heard, like people think the body custom creates virus's to "clean itself" etc....why are those virus's inside of those people no genetically unique unto themselves? Because if your body was creating them out of some need they would all be genetically unique they wouldn't share DNA across continents no matter which race of person they are in.
A black person's custom made virus would be distinctly created from black people DNA but it's not same for every other race.

Virus's are real they do exist and they do spread from person to person. Doesn't take much thought to disprove the theory that they don't exist or don't spread.
The virus's are created within your own human cells because the virus cannot reproduce on their own.
So the virus injects MRNA ya know the stuff in the covid shots,into the cell reprogramming it to create as many copies of the virus as possible until that cell expends it's energy and dies. That's how virus's make more of themselves.
No you shouldn't be as afraid of virus's as the government wants you to be. Yes being terrified of a virus to the point where you surrender your freedom is stupid.
But pretending virus's don't exist is also very stupid. Yes 99.99% of all virus's on the earth are not dangerous to humans. But there are virus's which are dangerous. If you run around acting like they don't exist you're gonna fuck women with AIDS and HERPES and shit because you think they don't exist and then you're gonna fucking die.
There's a nice balance point in the middle where you are not afraid of the virus's out there but you also take some precautions to prevent illness.
Fun fact: Almost every viral exposure does not make the person exposed sick. The viral load you receive has to be large enough to win against your immune system to give you any symptoms.
Why do you think they're injecting people with shots that destroy their immune system? When the new bioweapon plague is introduced it'll probably only kill people who are immuno-compromised.
Which means if you've had even one of those injections you are going to die. But if like me you will never allow them to inject you than you will not die. Because our robust immune systems will keep us alive.
Go ahead look it up Bill Gates and Klaus and all their globalist buddies have repeatedly publicly stated there will be another and far more dangerous pandemic after this.
We already know they created the covid virus in a lab at least 6 years ago. Is it really all that hard to believe they already created their next bioweapon and are preparing to unleash it upon the world soon?
Who fuckin knows exactly when they'll release it,but that's not what matters. What matters is they've already said they are going to release it in the future. Heck it may already be growing in the bodies of the injected.
So yes virus's do exist,most are harmless or won't deliver a large enough viral load to cause symptoms,and the globalists are using them to take over the world so they have ultimate power to commit genocide against us.
There's far more frightening things than a virus in this world. Like the psychotic Jews who create those virus's and release them to gain power like the 12 monkeys but in real life.
Oh no wait there actually is a government sanctioned religion dedicated to spreading illness as a way to exterminate all of humanity. Tax exempt and everything and they are allowed to exist,even though their entire religion is about purposefully spreading deadly disease across the planet to kill all of humanity. so sorry to inform you but the 12 monkeys cult already has a real world equivalent

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TheDemonKing 3 months ago

got a bit carried away didn't mean to write THAT much

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My_Genuine_Sneed 2 months ago

correct, though the flu and viruses in vaccines are different
I was confused why the human body had no natural process to remove heavy metals, but then I understood that it's all the flu was. This is why people repress their symptoms with drugs, so nothing is actually removed.
fun fact, I was almost "vaccinated" for HIV in prison
they were just handing it out like candy, which would make your idea make sense

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Hadibadashi 3 months ago

Brand,Jones,Ikce all the Red pill shill channels and not forgeting Rogan,know your enemies.

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HereAmI 4 months ago

So Brand is saying "There are two possibilities," either the coronavirus came from a lab, or it came from nature.
This is an immediate red flag, because from what this person is saying, there is a third option, which is that the "virus" doesn't exist in the first place, and the PTB that Brand is funded by don't want you thinking about that.
And why not?
Because they have a "vaccine" which you will only buy if you believe in a virus - regardless of where it came from.
There is also an even more likely scenario, ie that the covid condition comes from electromagnetic radiation, either from the sun, ( as these flu-like conditions are always linked to low solar activity, which repeats on an eleven year cycle, and such a time is now ) or from the notorious 5G rollout, which again, he doesn't want you to think about; although the airlines are starting to create a stink about its harmful effects, even if only to their aircraft altimetry systems.
But don't expect this person's pov to be any different in essence from Brand's; he is just as deceitful as Brand is, because he promotes "Peace!" without understanding that peace only comes from a reconciliation with God, not from "eating right" or "exercising", although of course these things have their place in any healthy lifestyle.

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HereAmI 4 months ago

These few short pages explain the EM connection with diseases very well.

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Kavesh Patmanathan
Kavesh Patmanathan 4 months ago

good lad

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WarrenofAlbyne 4 months ago

He is correct. Good man and spot on !
His words agree with those of the famous Dr. Lorraine Day.

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