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Blacks with weapons chasing and attacking one White kid

Published on 19 Jan 2022 / In Niggers
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FFT88 3 months ago

I fucking hate niggers. We need to start shooting these shitskins on sight.

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Redneckjay 4 months ago

Idk what's worse takes number of baboons take him on or he gets no help from his white brothers or sisters.

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Angleburrthumperdink 4 months ago

Secession would be so awesome. If you can't discriminate in the interests of yourself, your family and your community by any/all characteristics, you're Literally a plantation slave. If you can't secede from a union, you're Literally a plantation slave.

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ytrebiLeurT 4 months ago

Guillotine paint in black...

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Deemax 4 months ago

What a wonderful contribution niggers have been...when left completely to their own devices they accomplished NOTHING for over 50,000 years, until they got the idea of living a parasitical criminal existence on the anus of humanity...

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