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Total Nigger Death - White People are getting Real Fucking Tired of these niggers

Published on 17 Jan 2022 / In Niggers

total nigger death

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 3 months ago

i wish i could find that dude at the end, and others like us. that's my exact physique - 6'4", 215lbs and completely destroys anything in front of me. whites need to stop bitching and just get busy already. stop worrying about the consequences. we will win, hands down, withoutadoubt.

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WhiteRacialLoyalist 3 months ago

Loyal to the white race? Join like minds at . Read ben klassen.

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XOTFAJ100 3 months ago

The only lasting and permanent solution to white genocide is : Extermination of all FAJ / SOS / GOG and their global horde of 9 billion invading and weaponized subhumanity !

The scriptures are very clear and emphatic regarding this fact !

OBADIAH 1:15-18 - MICAH 4:13

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spiteful_mutants 3 months ago

That was beautiful. \o

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RGNRK 4 months ago

Start with the jews and their puppet politicians who brought this upon us!

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