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Apocalypse 1945 by David Irving (2007) πŸ“šπŸŽ§

Published on 28 Nov 2021 / In Audiobooks

⁣If you don’t already have some knowledge of allied bombing campaigns against civilians in WW2, then the contents of this book may take a long time to process. You’ll be left with a sincere sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of fellow human beings that were innocent victims, and a deep disgust for Churchill and his chain of command for perusing an agenda which can only be described as a crime against humanity. Far from being the Greatest Britain of all time, he would later try and distance himself from the humanitarian consequences and attempt to put the blame elsewhere.

That Britain was a terrorist state, cannot be in doubt after reading material like this; but perhaps the only saving grace for those making decisions to target civilians in aerial bombing campaigns is that they were all so far removed from the raw realities of war they couldn’t possibly have imagined the tragedy they would unleash. I only hope that ordinary citizens in all countries ensure that they never again elect morally-repugnant individuals who could go on to inflict such cruelty on the world... the last sentence had Churchill in mind.

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Mickread 3 months ago

I thought only Jews died in WW2?

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Bumblebee99 6 months ago

shame on them

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