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Low IQ Sudanese Nigger BTFO'd by Dalton Clodfelter

Published on 26 Dec 2021 / In Niggers
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TheyBeesJustLikeUs 4 months ago

Dalton is awesome! Thank God at least some of his generation has some sense.

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Niccolo Machiavelli
Niccolo Machiavelli 4 months ago

Actually, Jews were the primary benefactors of black slavery. Black slavery was terrible for the economy. Don't put that shit on whites. Niggers captured each other and sold each other to Jews so the Jews could bring them to western countries. It DID NOT EVER benefit whites.

Sick of the lies.

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NewWorldCircus 4 months ago

They have such a round about way of thinking.

They see their martyr position, but consistently fail to see the enormous amount of heinous crimes they commit unto white people.

Nigger are not only retardd

They are also degenerate, morally bankrupt liars.

They lie like they breathe air.

I have seen it in my personal experience with them.

Their fundamental axis is that ' it is always somebody else's fault'.

Niggers are snakes

They will always slither in the grass

Behead them
Hand them

I don't care, get rid of them

They will NEVER assimilate

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EditioN59 4 months ago

I love it a knock off version

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TinyCow 5 months ago

what the fuck did i just watch?! not only do i hate the jew nick fuentes, but a knockoff version?!? WTF!

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imafrog 5 months ago

ur stupid, there's nothing wrong with nick

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TinyCow 5 months ago

@imafrog88: He's a pussy, a jew and a disgrace to humanity. his stance on traditionalism is ok at face value but his choice in the matter is what determines it; undermining the validity of his convictions. you sir are as much of a piece of shit as Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest claims. good day.

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imafrog 5 months ago (edited)

@TinyCow: nick is amazing and has done more for the white race than you

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