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Gretchen Carlson speaks out - How Fox News helped destabilise democracy _ Four Corners

Published on 28 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics
Four Corners is an in-dep0th current affairs programme on the Australian Broadcast nedtwork... ie (Corporation). How Fox News was really responsible for "Fake News' Trumps favourite slogan, only he deflected it to CNN...
I personally dont know... but it doesn't surprise me in the least. Sometimes I feel really sorry for America. 🤨😑🤨

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AryanRooster 5 months ago

FoxNews will be FuckJews.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 5 months ago

so the "news" machine has gone FAR RIGHT? in what fucking reality? this botoxed, face lifted freak would not know the Far Right if it were Death Squading her residence at 4 am. which incidentally would be the perfect introduction for her...

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WhiteNight 5 months ago

this is just another demon that is taking the heart of the story out and dressing it in the satan tricks as she did all her pathetic puked out life driven by satan itself

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5 months ago

She's just propagating more fake news. This is a bullshit interview. I thought she would go in the other direction. Not so.

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WhiteNight 5 months ago

@Soldier1: yes, its like, once that came from a demon thus it belongs to it, once a bitch always a bitch to do more harm and nothing else

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mat6719 5 months ago

@Soldier1: She could have easily included all of the other corporate news networks as they're all biased and opinionated too. All of these news outlets can be counted on to drum up support for US imperialism and military intervention that only benefits a small minority.

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