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thousands sacrificed in 2 world wars, for what! (vomit warning)

Published on 23 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

sick,years ago these things would have been locked up in mental asylums

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Titanomachy 4 months ago

I feel like the sheer ugliness these creatures are imposing upon the rest of us just by posting pictures of themselves is reason enough for so-called "transphobia"...yes, I want these mentally ill people put into insane asylums. If that makes me "hateful" so be it. Crossdressing and faggotry were illegal for a reason, and we're witnessing the demonstration of that ancient wisdom right now. Prohibit public displays of faggotry or this nightmare society where children are sexualized inevitably ensues.

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Allophylian 4 months ago

The Jew. The ugliest race in the Creation

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Mr. White Man
Mr. White Man 4 months ago

And we're the crazy ones?????

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Shock 4 months ago

Absolutely disgusting and grotesque. It's total insanity that this hideous monster show is being normalized. People who regard this with "tolerance" are being mind fucked and dehumanized and they don't even realize it. This is our Western society showing the world how sick and subverted has let itself become. It's obviously meant to demoralize but I only feel even more hate and anger towards our common enemy. They're digging their own graves.

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shaktipriest 4 months ago

Disgusting crap

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