If you come onto my website saying you are going to commit a mass shooting I delete you on the spot, End of story. Also those passing around "Lists" that state that members here are Non-White or Bad People, You are gone. I will not stand for either behavior on this website moving forward into the future, Danke

The Goy That Stole Hannukah

Published on 11 Dec 2021 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

⁣The Goy That Stole Hannukah

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tarzzan 5 months ago

@2:30 hes a fucking rabbi ofc he is

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whitepride73 5 months ago

haha "fat shitskins" .. "faggots".... more award winning quotes! oops PS - the chick in the beginning looks like her face got beat with 500 black monster cocks (hammered down to a nice flat surface).

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Messenger Charles
Messenger Charles 5 months ago

Jews faking hate crimes: https://worldtruthvideos.websi....te/watch/jews-faking

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SmackUrApocolips 5 months ago

you need six million boosters if you want this goy .

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Heil1933 5 months ago (edited)

Those kikes with that fake hate crime. Too bad that demon stick wasn't real fire. Then burn all these fucking shit stirring Jews. And the shit skins.

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