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The Choice is Yours - Avatar or Zombie - Shunyamurti Q&A

Published on 26 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣Virology, vaccines and this (((Western Medicine))) are on it's last days.
Truth is rising and NOTHING CAN STOP IT, NOTHING!
There is no Sars-Cov2 virus, there is no Covid.
The genome was created In Silico, as in made in a computer, it is a virtual genome, it does not exist in reality.
No virus has ever been isolated, purified or shown to exist.
Virology is a fraud, paid and supported by Talmudic luciferians⁣.
The purpose of "vaccines" is to poison humanity with heavy metals, toxins, bacteria, parasites, human foetus cells, animal cells, and all the crap you can and cannot imagine.
The future is OURS, this earthly plane is OURS, what reality would you like to create to benefit all humanity, animals, plants, montains, rivers and seas? Open your mind and accept the responsibility!


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110thtime 4 months ago (edited)

"Money, power, control". "All of the greed type of fantasies".

Ignoring his conclusion of docile acceptance of evil. Which IS the entire reason for his vid does he sound as though he is describing us? We don't choose out of sloth and avarice to run our lives on money do we? Money is not power is it? Power is not being able to control the behavior of others? As in paying them a bit of God to do what is not in either mans best interest? These are fantasies we CHOOSE to believe are real so behave accordingly? Healthy people do not see power as corruption but as a necessary aspect of life? Not of psychopathy?

To the users of money the creators are not Gods?

Of course not! NO! Can't be! I'm NOT partially responsible for the existence of "the jew"! Evil incarnate is not compartmentalized and I am not a part of it! I JUST USE WHAT IT IS FOR MY SURVIVAL! I JUST BASE MY LIFE ON WHAT T.H.E.Y (T=the H=hebrews E=enslaving Y=you) MUST HAVE ME USE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE AND RULE! That's all. Not my fault. Alternatives are to hard so my progeny MUST be the property of "the jew"! After all do you really expect me to live on my own intelligence and planning with no safety net to take up the slack of my sloth? I CHERISH SLOTH, DOCILITY, BEING RULED AND OF COURSE "THE JEW"!

You folks believe in a soul, right? I like the speakers take. One who is soulless uses money as I use nature. One who is soulless uses insurances to "free or Liberate" one from responsibility as I use Logos and full personal responsibility. One who is soulless obeys "the jew" via obedience to statutes, codes etc as I, to an ever enlarging extent are abandoning these in my life. Folks, can you see it is our LIFESTYLES that empower "the jew"? That is our permission for t.h.e.m. (T=the H=hebrews E=enslaving M=mankind) to birth pax judaica? For the sake of Logos people your use of their money IS this, guarantees this! Truly "the jew" is God and sloth are our angels with avarice being seen as trumping death. Folk, we must openly hunt "the jew" to extinction. You all know this as you all know what the result of allowing "the jew" to continue to live. WE WILL BE KILLED!

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Terrarium Firma
Terrarium Firma 4 months ago

When will he mention the Jews?

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110thtime 4 months ago

He won't. The goal is to keep us docile and not openly hunting "the jew" to extinction. Just hold on and never act as Men!

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