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Published on 25 Jan 2022 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines

Yummy Doctor, Amandha Vollmer...Why Quackcines Can Never Work for Good!!!

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dustyfemalecat 4 months ago

If not for the covid hoax I might've never learned the germ theory is a lie, ironically, and would've remained paranoid of germs. Knowing now all diseases are caused by toxins it was easy for me to diagnose lead paint dust exposure in myself which caused me to have inflamed optic and now auditory nerves for three months. It's the kind of thing where some lying doctor might say you have eye cancer and will then kill you with chemo. Cancer might be about as much of a made up thing as covid. You don't need medicinal treatment, just a clean environment and sometimes a lot of waiting for the toxin to pinball out of you.

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nimblehorse 4 months ago

“The specific disease doctrine(germ theory) is the grand refuge of
weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule
in the medical profession. There are no specific
diseases; there are specific disease conditions(terrain theory).”
– Florence Nightingale

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Wicked01 4 months ago

Yes Dusty in an ironic way, most of us thru this planned event from a bad made up situation are questioning it, researching & discovering, what we never were taught.

Might be waiting for toxins to expel out from your system, but natural alternatives maybe needed to treat your condition.

Natural in the way of vitimins,minerals & extracts (herbs) to treat & keep our immunology in tip top shape as to our body,minds & souls.

Sorry to hear that, hope your over it…Anyways a blessing in disguise thru their lies,gives us sight if we seek it,Amein:)

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Wicked01 4 months ago

@nimblehorse: Ah, a classic one, Florence.
Loved, what she discovered & practised thereafter in the hospital she worked…the vital importance of aeration & exchange by opening windows thru out the hospital, simply brilliant!

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