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An amazing journey when we ask the RIGHT questions ( ADOLPH HITLER RED PILL FOR BEGINNERS)

Published on 16 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

Video made by ⁣Cybergnostic.....

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pater409 2 months ago

I am a fan of this young man's work and used to follow him on BitJEWt. He is a good soul full of positive energy. This video is an excellent first step down the enormous rabbit hole that is the historical reality of World War II.

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ARYAN VIKING 2 months ago

I have not known anyone to be arrested in these United States for saying anything against the alleged gassings and most all Americans know that all Jews are liars who lie as a group together. But the police imprison us everyday for any crime they know we didn't commit so that only tells you right there that you cannot believe anything a police officer says. When you find that cops lie as a group together then you know they are all employees of the Jews and who makes the money all Americans use? A Jew.

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Eckhart 2 months ago

When did u get the viking tat? Awsome

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shane127 2 months ago

the spinning baal deception is bigger that hitler

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