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A black Central Asian sneaks around trying to kill a white grandfather again, this time on a bus.

Published on 12 Aug 2021 / In White Pill

A Central Asian man with a knife tried to pay for his fare with his belongings in Novosibirsk, and then without any reason stabbed a quietly sitting pensioner. People were in shock and did not know what to do, the driver did not respond to calls for help. Passengers were expecting the worst, and children crammed into a corner of the bus in fear

Passengers believe that the Central Asian man was drugged and behaved inappropriately. The victim was taken to the hospital. Whether the 70 year old grandfather survived is unknown, as the blade entered exactly in the neck.
As a reader told the NHS, her 13-year-old daughter was on the bus at that moment and is still very frightened.

- She got on the "Square", that man - one or two stops after her. She noticed the knife immediately, thought it was a mushroom picker. He had a bag with him. He wasn't himself; her daughter remembered the crazy look in his eyes. The bastard tried to pay the fare with his things instead of money, pacing from one passenger to the next. Then he chose a victim and cowardly, surreptitiously stabbed her in the neck, immediately trying to kill her.

One woman screamed: "Don't touch me, please!" Some man tried to intervene, but the man told him: "You'd better stay out of it."
Passengers knocked on the driver, but I guess he thought people just wanted to get out. That's how they made several stops. My daughter usually sits in the middle of the bus, and here I met her - she was crammed into a corner. As soon as the doors opened, people piled in, and the man ran out after someone. After he was detained, it turns out he was previously convicted of robbery and illegal possession and sale of drugs.

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Lawi 28 days ago

This Hybrid has Cainoid (Jew) and Negro Genetics, both are from the Serpent Seed, called Satan, who has Enmity (hatred) for the Offspring of Adam-man.
Cush (Greek: Ethiopia), means sun-burnt
Phoenicians described by the Greeks, as fair-haired, fair-skinned people
Persia means Lord of the Aryans now renamed IRAN
Chicongo once known as Chicago
12 Tribes
(i)ssac's Sons / Saxons / Anglo-Saxons / Europe / Australia / New Zealand / North America / First World

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Nemesis1 3 months ago (edited)

Whites are always the last to retaliate . We need to get over this toxic servility and altruism . It's literally killing us . You would have thought all of these jew movies and games would have desensitised us to blood and violence , but no. Our people just standing or sitting there while they stab us!!! Weapon control clearly only aimed at whites . Laws dont apply anymore , were no longer homogeneous and they dont work.

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ARYAN VIKING 2 months ago (edited)

It all depends upon who is on the bus. Looks like no young White American man sits on this bus therefore the little punk piece of shit thought he could get away with something. Any White man here in the U.S. would have taken his knife away from him and beat the dog crap out of his face and then stomped a mudhole in his chest.

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ARYAN VIKING 3 months ago

It is hard to tell what is going on. I rode around on some buses while I was in Memphis several years ago but otherwise I walk everywhere I go so I do not see much of what goes on inside buses. I always carry big knives on me and know what I would do to anyone getting disrespectful but then again I spent most of my life in prison and a knife is how we handle problems.

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Blutfahne 2 months ago

I'm rocking a FirstEdge 1550 flip knife. Probably the strongest flip knife in the world. Should last me until I die.

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ARYAN VIKING 2 months ago

@Fender: I carry a Case Double X Sea Buster. It is a small pocketknife but extremely sharp with a very tight pull on the blade. On my belt I have a cheap $8.00 Walmart knife by Ozark Trail. That is everyday carry. But I make blades out of lawnmower blades too and everything else.

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Blutfahne 2 months ago

@ARYAN VIKING: Full tang lawnmower machete knife sounds legit.

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twistedjoker 30 days ago

AryanViking in America most white people do not care for other white people they are told from grade school to hate each other i have seen many niggers jews spics and other mud people attack white people in public and other whites just take it or ignore it and if you fight back the jew loving pig cops or teachers will put the white victim in prison America has been destroyed by the jew for over 100 years and is is terrible that white people do not unite and kill off every non white and jew,

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ARYAN VIKING 30 days ago

@twistedjoker: I only saw the beginnings of groups fighting back among my Skinhead friends. When we are together as a group these others don't want the fight that comes from provoking us and we have to be together because we know the police are our enemies.

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Patriotsprevail54 3 months ago

What are we going to do about this communist takeover?? Did you hear about the hundred thousand Afghanistan refugees and taliban members who flew over here the other night. They are here to assist Bidens military to take our guns!! I'm hearing shit is going to hit the fan by October. Sounds like the rapture to me. Have you heard of the smart guillotines by Chanel. They are real. Ordered by Obama.

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FuriousGeorge 3 months ago

order another pizza, turn on the game .....

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pater409 3 months ago

WTF??!! What the hell is he doing with a large knife on a public bus? Someone needs to teach that fucking cunt a lesson and break the fucking coward's neck. I wonder how many more elderly men he could stab with his fucking neck broken and all of his limbs dislocated and bent into cruelly unnatural angles, the motherfucker. These fucking cunts--no matter where they are--will need to learn in the most painful of ways that they are not welcome and that they should fuck off back to whence they came if they value their lives.

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