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A Dark Net of Terror, Documentary (2020)

Published on 24 Nov 2022 / In Documentaries

⁣⁣⁣I have set myself the goal to upload at least one documentary every day to World Truth Videos.

Feel free to share with friends.

For historical purposes. This channel, and every one associated with it, DON'T encourage white terror or mass murder. We simply share this content for the purpose of documenting history.

For more content like this:


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R1Nation 10 days ago

What is the Russian connection?
Couldn't be more simple to explain
They have no extradition treaties with wasted countries and are not interested in making arrests on behalf of the American establishment
Poor countries are no place to hide because they can send CIA it squads
The political objectives of every country has nothing to do with ideology it is just a means to an end

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milhouse 14 days ago

Azov battalion is Ukraine and has since been attacked by Russia the last few minutes of this documentary made a mistake.

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R1Nation 10 days ago

I suspect the filmmakers know that they were trying to imply that Russia is bad Russia is nazis

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