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A Day in The Life of a Dictator Joseph Stalin

Published on 02 Dec 2022 / In History

⁣A Day in The Life of Joseph Stalin

"Once he decided to attain absolute power, he would never relinquish it," observes Alexandre Allilouiev, nephew of Joseph Stalin. "He was a monster." In order to achieve his goals, Stalin set about re-imaging the vast empire in his own image, which included the extermination of all those who dared oppose or refused to adhere to his ideology. The film follows the activities of Stalin on November 24, 1938 - a crucial day that set in motion the end of his Great Purge.

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Lenin's comment about not wanting Stalin to succeed him because "he is too brutal' (16:24) is probably what he said, but not what he meant. Lenin and Stalin were equally brutal and vile Jewish scum. As also was Trotsky. They're all mad dogs amongst mad dogs and all Jewish to their bootstraps.

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nimblehorse 2 months ago

Stalin was a jew...had two jewish wives who spoke yiddish
before the jewish bolsheviks Russia was the largest Christian country ever...

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drumbum 2 months ago

Roosevelt's buddy, ....Uncle Joe

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Hatbox 2 months ago (edited)

He died disabled and pathetic. I read that some Russians consider him a hero. He had one heck of a dacha.

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Terrarium Firma
Terrarium Firma 2 months ago

all dachas are equal, but some are more equal than others

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It is arguable that he died by poisoning and it was only when he was weak enough that more sane minds were able to remove him. Khrushchev hinted as much in his memoirs.
It is a lot easier for a madman to maintain his power once in position than for those who have learned to regret putting him there to remove him.
This principle has funded many Jewish schemes the world over since and until they build their 3rd Temple and fuck their Israeli red heifer.

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