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A day in the life of a french woman in Paris

Published on 27 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Ines is a young French woman living in Paris.
Like all French people, she had to get used to living surrounded by an aggressive and hostile population.
And like many women, she has been forced to implement avoidance and survival strategies to avoid getting a taste of the new Parisian specialty: gang rape by young migrants from Senegal.
In this short video, she testifies about her daily life and shows some of her techniques to avoid "insecurity".
We are happy to share these images, hoping that women in Eastern European countries will realize what they are missing : western Europe is a permanent Hunger Games!

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Chosen_for_a_reason 1 month ago

Fucken useless women; they cause the problem with their liberalism, and then complain.

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WhiteMiasma 2 months ago (edited)

None of that will save her. Now, a family and sons...

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pastprovespresent 2 months ago

I know what you are saying, but sadly, the attacks she speaks of happen on simple trips to the grocery store. People need to start making community watch groups. There is safety in numbers.

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WhiteMiasma 2 months ago

@pastprovespresent: There is. The internet and the phones make everyone think they are "SO BUSY". I remember when I was younger, begging my brother for weeks to help me with a thing he could have put some shoes on, got his hand dirty, and had done in a few minutes.

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AntiSemiteForAReasonIstaken 2 months ago (edited)

It will suck to live in constant fear.

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jimmyhugo 2 months ago

I live the same unfortunately but this just saddens the white soul

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JewsDid9Eleven 2 months ago

Fight or die. Your choice.

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