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An Honest Talk About Race if You Are White (2019)

Published on 12 Jun 2022 / In Politics

An honest talk about race.

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NewWorldCircus 4 days ago

The problem with these retard races genociding us, is that they won't survive under the complete totalitarian control of the Kikes.

Not that I care, but these mud races are NOT thinking this through.

They live on our land.
They use our technology.
They eat at our restaurants.
They visit our memorials.
They benefit from our economy.

They will quickly resort BACK to their 3rd world turd traditions.

Then, they will seek out new land lead by the whites, only to recognize they killed us all.

Dumb fuck, retard races.

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NewWorldCircus 4 days ago

Oh, and then there was this other nigger who called himself "T", or "Tank".

Or some bs

This nigger would show up to our bar every weekend, and start bs.

Literally get the cops called.

He was bringing his authentic, degenerate nigger culture to the boonies where white people lived.

Sad shit for sure.

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NewWorldCircus 4 days ago

6 yrs ago I was in my white home town, tucked away on the edge of the country side.

For one of the first times ever, 2 niggers came to our bar from the city.

One was hitting on this chick that happened to be standing next to me.

As the nigger approached her, she grabbed me, and pulled me in.

"Sorry, I'm with him".

Nigger: sheeeit, you tapping day huh???

Me: well, ya know, when I can haha

The nigger walked away
This chick was totally repulsed by the nigger.

Again, 6 yrs ago.

This was before George Floyd, BLM, and all that bullshit.

Whites are great.
And, I love them.

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drutsohg 12 days ago

I live in the US. I am no fan of muslims, but after seeing what has happened in the US over the past century I don't know if the muslims are actually wrong about women and voting rights and such.

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eric_blood 13 days ago

Someone should show her this! https://worldtruthvideos.websi....te/watch/the-jewish-

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