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A Jew Who Hates Being Circumcised

Published on 12 Sep 2021 / In Jewish Question

⁣A Jew Who Hates Being Circumcised

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DeathToJWO 1 month ago

Disgusting baby dick sucking demons.

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Sibbeloth 1 month ago

This is comparable to the communal stoning and other various mutilations of humanity as commanded in islam by a prophet who was born with aposthia (circumcised). Just as we are to believe islam is not permitted to show the prophet's face... perhaps because he has a large hooked-nose. Jews obviously hate humanity's ability to reproduce. This hatred is again expressed most fully in the jew's domination of both slavery and pornography.

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PM10423S 1 month ago

The "jews" hate EVERYTHING that God ever created. But, yes, they especially hate humanity and have intended to destroy it for a VERY long time, and entirely out of spite for Him. They seek to invert or destroy everything He created, ultimately.

Perhaps this is because their "father" (I don't think I need to name him here) who was not human -- but WAS gifted by God with some very desirable attributes and abilities, nonetheless -- was NOT allowed the option of free will... and loathed and envied humans for the fact that they WERE allowed that freedom.

This entity swore he would destroy humans, such that he could prove to God that it was a mistake He ever created them. Quite an infantile, nonsensical mindset these dregs possess.
So much for allegiances. Rebels without any reasonable cause.

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