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A Jewess "educates" us on Zionism. Listen-up Goy.

Published on 13 Apr 2022 / In Israel / Zionism

⁣Unpacked - odysee

"...Jews have ⁣yearned for 2000 years to have a homeland" So if you "yearn" for something you're entitled to it, right? the fact that it belongs to some Goy is irrelavent, right? Your base Kike mentality right there. All these historical "facts" re Jewish right to the land, undisputed, set in stone, because it's all in a special book which THEY wrote, BUT "..Palestinian right to the land is UNCLEAR". Unbelievable.

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ocs101 30 days ago

how is it ancient homeland when its only been on the map since 1948 israel is not ancient JERUSALEM is

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110thtime 3 months ago

Please lets hunt t.h.e.m. to extinction already.

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TheEveryman777 4 months ago

I'm not even gonna waste my time. IRL arguing or debating with some whites gives me a fucking headache.

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Zenith26 3 months ago

What are "some whites"? You stinking Kike cocksucker.

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theliquidatedrabbi 4 months ago

Zionism is communism is judaism is satanism...

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ytrebiLeurT 4 months ago

Judaism is just torturism, that's all...

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