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A Jewish Supremacist Speaks Of His Superiority

Published on 12 Jun 2022 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

This is a video to describe exactly the dictatorship we all live beneath in any country issuing this particular creation of money. These people who issue it are above President's of the United States in authority and they control all police departments, write the laws we live beneath and can take from anyone anything they have.

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ScreamingInSilence 13 days ago

Chosen ones and all that jazz...

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ARYAN VIKING 13 days ago

I see that Israel authorities admit it. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is the only thing allowing them to do as they want. We the people have the power to overturn The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 as a crime of treason if we can gather a collective of the masses of the people in each country to understand its treason. Once done each country would have to do as Adolf Hitler did and begin issuing their own creation for money as the currency. At that point all laws and police authorities serve in the employ of the new creation of money, its creator and issuers. No war can stop the power of the law when justice is being administered.

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