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A Rant Most People Won't Be Able To Handle Because Of Their BeLIEfs

Published on 29 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

Just because you may not beLIEve it, doesn't make it any less true.

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Biancoman 2 months ago

From the first day I listened to your recorded opinion I was totally aligned with you. I have that same urge, to push that fucking red button and erase everything. I tried, I tried my best to amke it bearable but its impossible.
Also, I had a conversation with evil jews on forums. They told me; it's you who must disappear forever. We want our own world and you are not welcome in that world. You can not stop us. From their own filthy mouths.

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Yep... What you said about the Jews doesn't surprise me one iota. We either rise and exterminate the Jews and everything that's working for them or we face Extinction and we are all far more than the Jew will ever be. Every Jew deserves to die by fire or wood chipper.. they don't deserve a fast death.. they don't deserve a painless death. They deserve to die the most painful slow agonizing and horrible fucking death that a mind could possibly conceive.. all of them until they are completely exterminated from the whole of the Earth.

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rvp123157 2 months ago

Not one of you really exists! Your all only a construct of my imagination. I'm really a disembodied entity that experiences it's own universe.

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SanctusDivine 2 months ago

Love the passion man. 100% spot on.

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Maverick331 3 months ago

I feel your pain brother these other rancid races have no ducking place in our European societies. If there were a reality that america would have joined Germany during WWII and wiped out Bolshevism from the face of this fucking earth along with nurturing European and aryan ancestry I would prefer to go live in that reality bc this reality is awful. More and more we are surrounded by degenerate dark skinned races always claiming they are victims and to fucking ignorant to see what they really are.

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DillenShards 3 months ago

and where is the sign up sheet to join the militia!?!

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