A Rant Sure To Piss off Everybody

Published on 18 Apr 2022 / In People & Blogs

⁣If it triggers you, well, my point is made.

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Gifted163 9 months ago

Somebody has to stop the fucking Jews. I expose those foreskin suckers every opportunity.

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WitChKinG 11 months ago

this video stops at 4:12 even after i download the file and view. funny, because its right where youre talking about the JEWS, how they run everything and own everything. did you put this on bitchute or any other platform?

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exposethejews 12 months ago

when youre able to influence their mind/perception/beliefs/thoughts/emotions you influence their behavior/actions.

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exposethejews 12 months ago

do you write down everything and read it when you make a video?

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The Rebellious Meat Puppet

No. Generally I just monologue and let it flow freely.

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QuakerTheOat 11 months ago

@The Rebellious Meat Puppet: You are dead center on target 99% of the time. I'm on that Boomer/XGen 'cusp' if you will, and I can tell you that I woke up so quickly and so completely that it has completely *rocked* every fiber of my being for over a year. I had just about let this destroy my life until I was able (recently) to get a grip on things and begin to focus. I've learned some hard truths along the way, the first and foremost of which is that the more religiously indoctrinated someone is, the more ignorant they are - and I'm talking orders of magnitude more ignorant. I have close friends and some close family that fit in this category. You can not wake these people up. They revel and bathe in their ignorance like it's their fucking favorite blanket from childhood. Their idea of critical thinking is listening to social media and religious 'influencers' and then deciding that whatever bullshit that they hear that aligns closest to the bullshit that they already believe must be the 'truth'. It makes me want to fucking puke.

I'm currently documenting everything I see them do that perpetuates their own indoctrination. Sounds nuts, but that's what I'm doing. I love these people. They're my family and friends, and I want to see if I can identify methods of interrupting their pattern, and actually injecting - if nothing but for a moment - a requirement for them to actually *think for themselves*. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Soultag 12 months ago

You are correct, this realm is "hell" where lie is king and deception is the name of the game. Nothing makes any sense and evil runs rampant.

There are two types of beings in this realm, beings of conscience and psychopaths.

Simply stated, the meaning of life is to live by conscience (soul/spirit/light/god within). The conscience is a living thing, until it isn't. "Spirituality" cannot be taught, learned or bought. You either have a conscience or you don't.

Current worldly chaos happening right now is the rulers and their chosen the jews bringing their fictional bible to its scripted ending. The "end times" began with WWI and the mass extermination of whites in both WW's. This process continues to this day with the importation of third-worlders into white areas of the world, this is what WWIII is, genocide of whites.

Jesus (fiction) is the "alpha and omega" of the new world order, the new testament is the script. Jesus (fiction) is also the antichrist of the bible, christ means gnosis, direct experience of the creator. The jew claimed spiritual birthright only for their messiah. A crime against humanity of unimaginable proportions and consequences.

Hell's about to get worse by the day for whites as the pope (false prophet of the script) has loosed the niggers to kill with his blessings.

Burn the books, give no authority to psychopaths (government and religions) and listen to your conscience, if you have one. Christians won't survive this slaughter because they are the target. There's no jesus to save them from what they themselves are creating.

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