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A Real Case Against The Jews Marcus Eli Raveage

Published on 13 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣A Real Case Against The Jews Marcus Eli Raveage

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pastprovespresent 2 months ago

Oh, as subversive as ever! Please tell me that you don't believe this drivel from this pathological liar. They didn't write the Bible. Then ten commandments was enscribed in stone in the bronze age in N. America and they are Turkic Mongoloid. They were never near the Holy Land most of them. So now they wish to swoop in two thousand years later and claim the Bible is Jewish, when they don't believe the Bible themselves? It's laughable! They believe the Cabale. They believe that there were androgenous beings and the vessel broke. They are trying to "fix" the vessel. Then half of them are communism, which is Judaism. They are equally socialists, which have the same tennents of satanism. They strap little boxes to their head. Go look up how to exorcise a demon or how to tell if somebody is posessed? It clearly says that demons like to rest in cubes. You can hear the resentment and envy in his voice? Now do you know who you are talking to? They never had their stuff so together, not then and not now. Another proof, their precious synnagogue in Israel that they claim is their ancient synnagogue? It has swastikas carved in stone on them! Moreover, they stole the star, which was a Germanic good fortune sign. The Pennsylvania Dutch (Germans) have been painting those on their barns for hundreds of years, as protection. Everything he said, a mix of truth, such as the protocals, but he laughs when he says it as to create confusion and doubt in us. Their other book, the Talmud was written in 800 AD. Don't be so easily fooled. Do your own research.

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Bifurcatio 2 months ago

The Abrahamic tradition = the Cabal.

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