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A Timeline of Jewish Anti-Fascism

Published on 02 Sep 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi


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R1Nation 51 minutes ago

Communism is ultimately the collection of different communities divided by race
And from these communities they will form a federation making it no different than a nation state federation
Except the nation state model is made up of the existing communities the existing races
In the communistic structure they are made up of the Diaspora of migrant groups
The same race in their home country will not want open Borders
Any final stage of this theoretical communism will be exactly the same as a supernational block with the old power structure removed, And the previous culture and society destroyed
It simply 1 power structure removing the old
It's either the national model of social structure or the Diaspora model
Notice all social housing is based on race with the blacks living with the blacks the Irish with the Irish none of this is by accident its organized centrally
The major provisor is there will be a ruling caste when it comes to communism and that is the race that can pretend to be any race

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 3 months ago


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Derby 3 months ago

Derives from Antifa and Antifa derives from Nazbol also were led by Marxists.

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Derby 3 months ago (edited)

Mark Collett, never really precisely stated what and why to what he admired about 1930s Germany while encouraging Mein Kampf(without reading Mein Kampf and listening to audio for 26 hours about Hitler perspectival experiences and view points also about his exposure on politics and politicians being corrupted due to Bolsheviks/Communists and communism/Bolshevism originating by Jews or are collective Jews and so much more such as him not being into politics or identifying as a politician he only become a politician for some while to reign as mayor and chancellor against the freemasons, jews, communists/Bolsheviks, diplomatic subversion, Jewish capitalists, degeneracy, poverty etc behalf of Germans, himself, Austrians and wanted the same for rest of Europeans), it seems to me he only liked the Jews of 1930s Germany and liked about Antifa, Nazi, Marxists etc being all Jewish by design and he pretends to be a Natsoc/Natcol and fascists when PA members without irony exposed that he is in factuality not he supports Communism/Bolshevism and is supporting white genocide in Russia as well in Ukraine and is actually a crypto jew operative friends of other jew operatives and shill for more major jew operatives such as Putin and Zelenskyy PA also made articles bashing against majority of western Europe while pretending to be a spreading disinformation and pretence history knowing full of well that Jews for many generations during their occupation in eastern Europe established and started such ideologies collectively and collectively regulated such practical and concealed theoretical idealisms across Europe throughout later centuries passed down many generations before their occupation in Eastern Europe earlier carved in Neolithic stone hendges in occupied Babylon and Southern Sumeria prolongingly preplanning global subversion, enslavement and subjugated dominance both religiously, collectively and politically and now with other scandals and names of each agendas used against our race such as Kalergi agenda and many other 40+ agendas.

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pastprovespresent 3 months ago

If the ministers were as surprised as the public, why oh why didn't they send them back? Surely, it's not the first time that some foreigners arrived on the shores of Britain that had to be dealt with.

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Spectralwulf 3 months ago

They manage to organize the finest idiots for their cause.

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