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A World Without Whites

Darryl Duncan
Published on 01 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

I was sitting in a prison cell smaller than your bathroom when President George Bush Sr was making this announcement to the world about a New World Order. It was made of steel with a steel bed bunk and steel bars. Rats as big as kittens came down from the walls and out of toilets every evening. I was being held prisoner for the crime of burglary and was not even guilty. The District Attorneys of 2 counties had already told me they knew who did the crimes but said "We don't want him, we want your conviction". He was a man they told to join the Army after having caught him committing many crimes; my arrest was just the scapegoat needed to get him out from going to prison. I had written to this President asking for investigation and he ignored me. The Parole Board knew I had written to the President and they told me that I would have to say I was guilty in order to get parole. I never did say it and nobody had to prove me guilty in my trial, so I was made to serve full term. A trial verdict can be based upon the opinion of the Jury. A New World Order had to mean a world without Whites since it was us the police were doing this to.

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 2 months ago

I'm so very sorry for what you had endure as an innocent Man ,dear Brother Darryl .
I've been through the system a few times myself. They certainly named it correctly (ju`dicial system ).

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Darryl Duncan
Darryl Duncan 2 months ago

Each day I am out here in this free world I can do nothing but smile. It feels so good to be alive and out here where everything is so beautiful. If I were to keep myself thinking of the hell I have lived through I would never be able to appreciate this life out here. We have only 1 short life to live which means taking appreciation where we can.

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NorthernAryan 3 months ago

Do you think the world will function with out it's creators? With out it's builders? With out it's real leaders?

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 2 months ago

I do .
It's been functioning without us at the helm for over 300 year's.
Yes it goes back much further than even that .
It's not a Godly world though.
And definitely not a white one for many centuries now. We've just thought it was.
But it's heading to it's ending now thank God YHWH

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Konigtiger1945 5 months ago

Freemason Zionist piece of shit. They jew Freemasons start the wars make a fortune out of our misery tgen offer the communism & slavery for all.

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