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Abdul is going to the Moon on a camel shape spaceship! lmao

Published on 15 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣The United Arab Emirates will send a rover to the moon in 2022 in partnership with the Japanese company ispace. The Gulf State is using its space program to develop scientific and technological capabilities and reduce its dependence on oil.

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REECE 5 months ago

wars are fake. purely a eugenics program. all these governments are in this together

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momento 5 months ago

Surreal seeing sand-niggers talking about this.

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AryanPrincess 5 months ago

America will be a third world country by 2050 and we will all be eating bugs as ( Bill Gates- America's Biggest Land Owner) also be eating Bill Gates GMO's and 'human' DNA protein culture - Human Meat - Americans Will Own Nothing And You Will All Be Happy . . .

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_VAX_ROBOTS 5 months ago

I hope it's a one way ticket.

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