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aborted fetal cells in food and drinks

Published on 04 Oct 2021 / In Satanism / Occult


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pater409 19 days ago

That's really fucked up. The Pepsico Corporation fucking blows--your typical cynical corporate cock sucker and motherfucker. All its CEOs should have their backs and necks broken and spend the rest of their life in a wheelchair with excruciating, chronic pain for being cynical fucking corporate cunts. Boycott their fucking shit products and those of other corporate cock suckers and cunts.

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WhiteNight 19 days ago

the last time i had a PePsi shit was like 12 years ago as any other soda, the only stupidity I do is a beer from time to time know its a poison..., its like hard to avoid the poison we are surrounded by, fuck !!!

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Sibbeloth 19 days ago

CRL-2429 is classified as a natural flavor ingredient.

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