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runehq665 6 months ago

i tried researching mrc-5 and all im getting is fact checkers

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White Power
White Power 10 months ago

They use aborted White female cells for certain flu shots, wonder why they're using male cells for that thing?? Either way, notice that Aryan babies have to die in order for them to make their crap and alter our DNA.

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REECE 10 months ago

the fuckers put this vid on factcheckers and downplayed the hell out it. people are waking up to this finally

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BF109Luftwaffe 10 months ago

Thanks for this. Will share. The only data on these vaccines are from press releases. The FDA will speed approval and then we’ll see what kind of damage will be done.

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Morgellons Live
Morgellons Live 10 months ago

Don't you know aborted babies are in all vaccines , Pharma drugs have Plasma , that is made from the blood .

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