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Actual Allied Propaganda Film Used To Convict Defendants At The Nuremburg 'Trials' (1945)

Published on 14 Oct 2021 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

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⁣So lets just get this straight....NO mounds of human bone ash and charred bone, NO vast multitude of industrial ovens capable of incinerating thousands of corpses in one average day, NO air tight homicidal gas chambers complete with electric conveyor belts so as to process millions of cadavers per year, but instead a rather pathetic assortment of non-cremated human remains and a small collection of lost freak show trinkets found in local museums and hospital archives.

Are YOU persuaded by this absurd wartime charade?...

While watching this documentary, keep in mind the German men that died as a result of lies contained within. This is for red-pilled individuals in the White-positive sphere to view for entertainment, educational and ironic purposes. Viewing such material allows us to develop a more thorough understanding of the distorted lense cast upon us by some of our egalitarian adversaries.

This film was played at the infamous Nuremberg trials following WW2. It contains propaganda about the National Socialists and their concentration camps.
Included are a number of falsified claims like the use of gas chambers and other atrocities alleged to have been committed on the Jewish people, as well as a variety of blatantly misleading footage. We now know that many of the people who were found dead or emaciated were inflicted with typhus or starved as a result of supply lines hit by allied bombing. Also included are images of shrunken heads, soaps and lampshades alleged to be made from Jewish skin.
Despite the majority of the most staunch exterminationists now agreeing the claims about soaps and lampshades to be untrue, this string of lies was responsible - along with brutal torture techniques - for many innocent and noble German men to be convicted and subsequently executed following the Nuremberg trials. Some of the more despicable kikes still push the lampshade bullshit to this day.

US Army director George Stevens directs the film. As the Allies reached Germany, General Eisenhower ordered George Stevens to film the concentration camps. The camps are filmed and survivors interviewed.",

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