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Adam Green, OBVIOUS Controlled Opposition, Apr 25, 2022

Published on 26 Apr 2022 / In Censorship

He blocked me on his Bitchute channel

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TheSolution 3 months ago

When someone starts slandering and insulting a person straight of the bat, its usually a sign of a jew cocksucker or shabos goey shilling for his master. I'm not a fan of Adam Greene but that doesn't mean I should be insulting him because i don't like him, or that he chooses not to cover the topics I would like or that he isn't 'calling out the jew' 24/7 means he is a kike shillmeister. People that genuinely want to have a constructive debate, don't need to resort to logical fallacies and insults, they simply use logic and provable/verifiable facts to back up their arguments. I don't see Jew Ravioli doing any of this. Be careful people, the truth movement is almost totally infiltrated by these agents of discord. Also, some people are useful tools and regurgitate the crap that they are fed by these agents without realizing it, and lastly there are people who are just plain ignorant that go on a tangent and loose the plot all together.

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DertJones 3 months ago

He reveals the Jew world and its Cabal at the same time discrediting Christianity like a good little disinformationalist

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SaxonWarrior 3 months ago

He also like to put that master disinfo agent Christopher Bjerknes(CJB) on too, he's a first class obfuscationist jew!!

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DertJones 3 months ago

@SaxonWarrior: Green clearly states what the Jews are doing and their plans. My issue with what he says, is that he agrees with them on Christianity (that it is false) and he calls 'white people Esau or Edom, just like the Jews do. Check this out . Copy and paste to duck duck go. “Edom is in modern Jewry.” —The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol.5, p.41.
SO.. he reveals their agenda and more or less agrees with it.
I dunno, has Adam disputed the Esau/Edom narrative or does the sharp minded fellow just let that slide by?
I believe the white race is the the Israelites and the Jews are Edom. This is why they are ferociously going after all the white societies

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Iluvhitler70 3 months ago

@SaxonWarrior: Right. Once he started having on Christopher Bjerkness I knew he was a piece of shit. That idiot wrote a book claiming Hitler was a Bolshevik.

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Trivium_Supremacy 4 months ago

No shit and anyone who dares to reject cringianity is accused of following this obvious gatekeeper's content.

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Antifederalist1333 4 months ago

You’re gonna need to do a much better job than this garbage to convince me. Adam has done a great job at showing Alex Jones, Trump, Christians, etc are the controlled opposition through countless hours of videos where he shows the evidence. If you think this short ass garbage video proves anything, it does, you’re not at Greens level of professionalism nor capable of accepting reality.

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rebelliousgoy 5 months ago

Did you show up calling him a coward? I might block ya too if I didnt know the other side of the story. Adam has an interest in the religious aspect of heeb supremacy. He might not know enough about ww2 to come to your same conclusions; he's not a wignat (yet)

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