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Published on 25 Jul 2022 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

⁣In the early 1930s, American engineers traveled to the Soviet Union and built the largest and most powerful enterprise in the entire world—Uralvagonzavod (the Ural Railroad Car Factory). Uralvagonzavod was built in such a manner that it could at any moment switch from producing railroad cars to producing tanks. In 1941, an order was issued to produce tanks, and Uralvagonzavod without any delays began the mass production of tanks. Uralvagonzavod produced 35,000 T-34 tanks and other weapons during World War.II

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Danielle Marin
Danielle Marin 2 months ago

I always hesitate with videos like this one. I was correct - it was so bittersweet to watch. I absolutely LOVE seeing ANY of the footage from Germany before they were blasted to pieces by the parasites & their unsuspecting, innocent GOLEM. But it also makes my heart hurt for 2 reasons - these German soldiers with almost no exceptions were all HANDSOME & to know how many of them went on to be shortly dead is hard to know...and also it makes me sad when I hear Hitler's optimism - and he REALLY TRULY WAS SO CERTAIN for a majority of the war!!! From his position, I can see why he had every reason to be optimistic and certain of victory.
Do you think it was over the moment they arrived at the Eastern front?

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