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Adolf Hitler Christianity is the basis of all morality of National Socialist Germany

Published on 06 Jul 2021 / In History
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DonkeyKang 22 days ago

Why wasn’t his symbol a cross? Why was it some hindu demon shit? This is how Hitler countered his critics for calling him anti Christian, he’s fucking lying. All this Hitler worship shit on this site is fucking lame, he didn’t die for my sins, he lost, there’s still Jews controlling the world. He accomplished nothing, a big zero, a jerk off, a loser. Jesus is Lord, not Adolph.

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pastprovespresent 6 hours ago

Your foul language doesn't sound like you follow Jesus too closely. The swastika is a cross and was (and still is) on many old churches! The swastika is an ancient symbol of peace, of the four winds. It was brought to the hindus by the Aryans. The ruling class were Caucasian in India back then. The swastika is found even in Sweden on old churches and other ancient landmarks. There is no conflict with the cross and the swastika. It's only the perverted minds of marxists who make you think so.

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When playing a game of chess is it best not to let your opponent know your true intentions... Nor your followers.

I see people type "Hitler was right" and yet I question how "right" he was... He sought peace while war was at his door.

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FriedrichKrupp 3 months ago

“Auch das Christentum konnte sich nicht damit begnügen, seinen eigenen Altar aufzubauen, sondern mußte zwangs-läufig zur Zerstörung der heidnischen Altäre schreiten. […] Man kann sehr wohl den Einwand bringen, daß es sich bei derartigen Erscheinungen in der Weltgeschichte meist um solche spezifisch jüdischer Denkart handelt; ja, daß diese Art von Unduldsamkeit und Fanatismus geradezu jüdische Wesensart verkörpere. Dies mag tausendmal richtig sein, und man kann diese Tatsache wohl tief bedauern und mit nur allzu berechtigtem Unbehagen ihr Erscheinen in der Geschichte der Menschheit als etwas feststellen, was dieser bis dahin fremd gewesen war […] Der einzelne mag heute schmerzlich feststellen, daß in die viel freiere antike Welt mit dem Erscheinen des Chri-stentums der erste geistige Terror gekommen ist, er wird die Tatsache aber nicht bestreiten können, daß die Welt seitdem von diesem Zwange bedrängt und beherrscht wird, und daß man Zwang nur wieder durch Zwang bricht und Terror nur mit Terror. Erst dann kann aufbauend ein neuer Zustand geschaffen werden.”

~ Mein Kampf, 5. Kapitel Weltanschauung und Organisation (Auflage 1943, Verlag Franz Eher Nachf., G.m.b.H., München, Zentralverlag der NSDAP., Frz. Eher Nachf., G.m.b.H., München


"Even Christianity could not be satisfied with building its own altar, but inevitably had to go to the destruction of the pagan altars. […] One can very well raise the objection that such phenomena in world history are mostly of a SPECIFICALLY JEWISH WAY OF THINKING; yes, that this kind of intolerance and fanaticism EMBODIED A DOWNRIGHT JEWISH NATURE. This may be correct a thousand times, and one can deeply regret this FACT and, with all too justified discomfort, see its appearance in the history of mankind as something that had hitherto been ALIEN to it […] Today the individual may painfully discover that the FIRST SPIRITUAL TERROR came into the much freer ancient world with the APPEARANCE OF CHRISTIANITY, but he will not be able to deny the FACT that the world has since been OPPRESSED and ruled by this COMPULSION, and that compulsion is only possible again through compulsion breaks and terror only with terror. Only then can a new condition be created."

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Roy Benthall
Roy Benthall 3 months ago

And i agree. Destructive compulsive behavior is jewish in nature, and can effect any race or religion.

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mognaporda 3 months ago

When it comes to Christianity Hitler was blatantly lying in his speech to appease/counter his opponents who were calling him anti-Christian and to appease the Christian crowd.
Here is a quote from another speech, where Hitler implies Third Reich morality is not based on Christianity but is based on 'reason and knowledge OF Man'

"Today's German People's State knows no social prejudices. He therefore knows NO SOCIAL SPECIAL MORALITY. He only knows the laws of life and necessities CONCEIVED BY REASON AND KNOWLEDGE OF MAN." ~ Adolf Hitler Speech January 30, 1939

Here is another quote from another speech where Hitler says National Socialist is based on SCIENCE.
"National Socialism is a cool and highly-reasoned approach to reality based upon the greatest of scientific knowledge" ~ Adolf Hitler – speech at the Culture Convention Nuremberg, September 6, 1938

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Trivium_Supremacy 1 month ago

So he hasn't been suckered in to the religious trappings of Jew-controlled Judeo-Christian (Churchian) dogma and its subversive tax, known as compulsory tithing? Good. So he knows the good news of the risen Christ, the great commission and the ministry of the gospels are the only liberating messages in the entire new testament? Good. So he knows the history of his people and read the Oera Linda book and knows how superior it is to anything else, including the gospels - our second best text? Good. There's nothing wrong with that and there's nothing wrong with Natural Law (see Natural Law/Consequentialism vs Legal Positivism) and critical thinking. The knowledge of logical fallacies constitute an immunity to Jewish deception and they were bestowed by OUR ancestors - the Hellenes of Greece. This knowledge, immunity and integrity is not a "doctrine of devils" as the Churchians will nauseatingly wail. And if "every word of God is true" (Proverbs 30:5) then verse 4 of exodus 20 wouldn't exist. Instead, only verse 5 would exist because verse 4, which states "thou shalt not make a graven image (sculpture) or the likeness of any thing in heaven or on earth or in the water" effectively gives the Roman empire justification to destroy the ART and HISTORY of our people, despite no worship taking place of any object or ancestor or living figure (like Hitler). Today we call the most high God our "heavenly father", as did the Christ. Our ancestors called God Alfadir (all father - Not Odin!) and their ancestors called God Wralda. They were monotheists.

The Nazi's were not pagan, they simply discovered the untainted faith and history of the German people, void of Jewish poison. How many so-called "missionaries" defied stay-at-home orders after their precious Churches were shut down? Zero. How many support Christian Identity? Zero. How many are united and actively fight against Jewish tyranny? Zero. It's nothing but complete and utter hypocrites here. Sorry but your Jewish Churchian domestication hasn't, doesn't and will never work. Hitler was right.

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Trivium_Supremacy 1 month ago

2 Corinthians 3:5-6
Spirit not the letter.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 3 months ago

That doesnt sound anything like adolf, and hows everyones Deutsch?
Hitlers situation with the christians is identical to ours today. We must tolerate these christians, as we are on their side as much as we are against the opposing jewish religion. But to say hitler was a hardcore Christian would be far fetched. " christianity is the basis of all morality of NS germany " sounds like some well placed propaganda. Either the christians will unplug from judenet and defend themselves or they will perish. Those who do survive , meeting the challenge of brutal combat against their ideological enemy, hopefully wont revitalize a new generation of christianity because it needs to be done away with. Adolf had an excuse- living in a physical world without the internet or experiences falsely based upon obscene hours of jewish hollywood. Pre internet are able to claim ignorance in this whole religion absurdity. But none of us dare expect credibility when theres the elephant in the room aka on your knees over a terribly written book with characters that all too often display very jewish behaviors. Theres no sense in even fighting the jews if we are going to remain hindered with the ultimate consequence of judaism, christianity.

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