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Adolf Hitler in TRUTH his fight was against ZIONISM NOT THE JEWS! Misplaced Agenda

Published on 24 Apr 2021 / In Interesting

As we all know Hitler didn't like the Jews
What most of us don't know and are not told is why?
It is not simply because he was racist.
People from all walks of life fought on the side of Germany. Including Jews.
It was because they were attempting to take over his country in the eyes of Hitler.
However the ideology behind this is Zionism not the Jewish religion.
They got the backlash of this because Zionists pass themselves off as Jews to try & protect themselves by calling anyone that try s to discredit or question them a racist or Anti-Semitic, as though this ideology speaks for the whole Jewish community, this is not true a lot of Jews hate Zionists because they have hijacked their religion.
Hitler may have been partially funded by Zionism or by the Zionists creators the Rothschild’s as History can prove, however Hitler was not a part of Zionism he was secretly funded by them through his National Socialist Party as from a donor, this was so USA & UK forces will be driven into more debt having to lend more money from the banks to keep up the war effort against Germany, meaning they would owe more to their banks forever being in the Zionists debt, which is fundamentally how they control society today through the banks. The president & prime minister which are funded by the highest bidder is usually the winner meaning Zionism is forever in control.
JFK was the last president not to be funded by Zionism. Think that one over...
Zionism was trying to take over the Ukraine before the civil war broken out. To many people wanted not to go that way of westernising the country, plus joining Europe and would rather be a part of Russia. Russia would be Liberators to most in this Civil War, it is not like the UK & USA Zionists forces are making out, Russia are not the bad guys here.Zionist forces just want their blood soaked hands in control of the Ukraine &/or a war with Russia so are making this look like a crisis caused by the Russians, when it was the Zionists that created the political party and tried to take over the country.

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Bill 2 years ago

Hitler went wrong ? International jewry, yes zionists declared war via boycott on Germany in 1933. Are you suggesting an ordinary jew wouldn't go along with the anti-German agenda ?

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