Adolf Hitler - The World Will Know I Was Right

Published on 07 Mar 2023 / In History

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I am of British stock. A Celt of ancient heritage. I look at our cousins the German Volk and I weep at how we allowed our strength to be turned against each other by the kikes who were ever our enemy. A people not of our tree.
When I hear Hitler, I hear our combined heritage. When I hear Roosevelt and Churchill I hear Stalin who is the Jew long before I see the resultant, inevitable fruit of the Whore of Babylon.
Truly we deserve our contempt if we allow ourselves to be deceived by the pedophiles and perversions of the Babylonian Whore. But some willingly drink her blood offered by her cup all shiny. Such are no longer my people. The proud Germans are more my people, those who recognize Hitler for whom he was, and know that yes, he was right!

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