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Adolf Hitler vs The New World Order

Fash Bird
Published on 14 May 2022 / In History

⁣#Worldwar2 #wwii #nationalsocialism #thirdreich #nsdap #jwo #nwo #communismkills #whitegenocide

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Messerschmit2 4 months ago

I know I’m a piece of shit , however
I believe the German people have a right to maintain their own destiny and have the respect of their own financial institutions connected with their fate.
I don’t think I would do well in any society- however The Germans had the best thing going because they protected their women and girls from miscegenation and abuse of all types.
The woman are the real treasure and that’s worth fighting for .
Sieg Heil// Adolf
Good job
As for All-lied JwO
And this stupid horrific system we have- it’s a shame and will be extinguished as the Jews become more refined and distant from their host nations.
The whole NWO thing is for that
Bring the world down / then destroy and replace us

I get it

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TSOSWBEX77 5 months ago

The bloody plague called satan :{ all so called jews are collectively satan , this is basic scriptural theology 101 }: is desperately working at culling the entire earthly population of White Adamic Israelite's !!

They will not succeed and will soon be exterminated as prophesied in the scriptures :

EZEKIEL 38:1-4 - MICAH 4:13 - MATTHEW 24:20-22 - OBADIAH 1:15-18 - EZEKIEL 39

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frogsgottalent 5 months ago

Newspaper article - " NEW WORLD ORDER PLEDGED TO J E W S ", ' New York Times ', page 10, 6th October, 1940. ........" The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishingJewish influence throughout the world. " - General George vanHornMosely, ' New York Tribune ', 29th March, 1939. ......." Berlin gives me the blues. TheGermans were the only decent people left inEurope. We have destroyed what was a goodRace and are about to replace them withSavages. And all Europe will beCommunist. " - General GeorgeSPatton Jr, Commander3rd Army, Berlin, 1945. Soon after making these observations and just before returning to the USA to tell the TRUTH, he was assassinated by theJews. See ' ThePattonPapers '.

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Messerschmit2 4 months ago

So true

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