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Adolf Hitler Was Right!!!

Published on 25 Nov 2021 / In Music

⁣Adolf Hitler Was Right!!!

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HailVictory 8 days ago

I hate this world... what a diseased world it truly is.. i cant see any light, all i see is darkness all around me, i continue to look for that glimmer of hope, and it just seems too far to see... that part with the girls and their "dates", im seeing this around where i live, it disturbs me to no end.

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WarrenofAlbyne 8 days ago

Take heart dear brother. YOU are one of the BEST video presenters I have ever seen; you tell it with sincerity and passion for OUR people and please know that we are ALWAYS "pickin up survivors" (as Diane and Jim always say).
Whatever the "stats" are for your channels does not matter: you make an impact and I am always glad to see your great work. (No-one else has ever pointed out that BOOK you bought - the 1946 US Army Review Manual - which you said makes NO MENTION of any "holohoax").

At the 1936 Berlin Olympics the cafes in Berlin showed TELEVISION of the events - "they" never tell you that do they !

You ARE pickin up survivors and so is Leni from 'Straylia - you're right over the target(s) !
I have lost all my younger family; they are dead from the neck up but my NEW FAMILY is right here, with you and Leni and Jim and Dianne and MANY many more - too many to list here.

We ARE our ancestors and we carry them upon our shoulders at all times, so take heart and know that you are greatly appreciated.

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HailVictory 8 days ago

@WarrenofAlbyne: thanks brother, i greatly appreciate that.

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LeniRiefenstahl 8 days ago

@HailVictory... Thanks for the good you do... Let's hope but the speck of light is fading fast. I just look at old footage now and weep.

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Loki 7 days ago

@HailVictory: Let me tell you something in my contry i will become a politician and i will bring National socialism idea abouth saving your race.So there if i can save Montenegro i will be able to save others in Europe.

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