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⁣Advice to the New Normal Pushers - Good Luck... You're gonna need it

Published on 01 Oct 2021 / In Comedy / Animation

⁣Advice to the Old Guard and New Normal Pushers - Good Luck... You're gonna need it

Lovely Lady gives Advice to the Old Guard and New Normal Pushers - Good Luck... You're gonna need it're-gonna-need-it:f?r=2CeHyp5mPPo9ByxsqW8vc4caqGzw8jKY

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 10 days ago

I Love her Brain❤💕😁👍

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drutsohg 22 days ago

For many people this is way too much. I do not have TV. I do not have facebook or twitter. I don't even listen to regular radio. This means I missed out on all the propaganda. So to me when I am exposed to this covid propaganda it seems really disjointed and stupid. It is completely illogical. If I point this out to people then they just get angry and call me names because they are fully invested in this pandemic. A pendemic doesn't need wall-to-wall advertising and media coverage for you to know it is there, but psychological operations do. Most of my red lines have been crossed. I see no peaceful resolution to this. I already felt like I was living in a prison BEFORE they did all this covid bullshit. Violence is really coming I hope. I think if it does, if white men get off their asses, then the momentum isn't going to be so easy to slow for quite a while. I know once I decide I have nothing left to lose I will just fight until I die. That may be quick, but it won't be quick for everyone

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pater409 17 days ago

Stay strong and fear no one and nothing. The warrior spirit residing within and your sense of sanity and justice will carry you the rest of the way.

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 10 days ago

I may Not know you personally, but I know you Spiritually ❤💕😁👍➡️🤚😉

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frogsgottalent 23 days ago

Kudos through association with straight talkingGentiles.

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