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African Bodi Tribe the FATTEST

Published on 26 Feb 2021 / In Niggers

Quirky African Bodi Tribe Where Big Belly Men Compete to be the Fattest
For many years in the western world, thinner was considered better but in this village this is further from the truth. Here the motto is, the bigger the better especially the Bodi community. They even have a competition each year in June to award a man with the biggest belly.

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Mroundface2020 7 months ago

There is nothing attractive about that. Sorry to say but it’s not.

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nimble23 7 months ago

Fat Bodi's.. ; )

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Suzy3 7 months ago

Yeah, growing up we were told Ethiopians were skin n bones... another lie to add to the huge list.
Just give em KFC and McD's... they'll gain in no time.

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fromWOLFtoDOG 7 months ago

we should send all the obese sheboons we have in this would be a WIN WIN...LOL...

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jackellock 7 months ago

Do you call that competition?! I don't see any competition!!

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