African Soldier

Published on 13 May 2022 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

⁣African Soldier

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Balls_B_Dragon 3 months ago

Stupid niggers

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JWCS45 3 months ago

he fired empty beebee guns and already had bullets inside his mouth! I'd like to be there so I could hand him out a .45!

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II_TheRook_II 3 months ago

That wasn't even a bullet they pointed at on the ground, it was a shell casing. The only way you could maybe actually do that with a real gun and bullet is if you put just a few pieces of powder in the shell. If would take a while to figure out how much you would need to still sound and look real but only fire the bullet at minimum force. I think it could be done, but I won't be one to try it. Like if you put just 1/4 mm of powder in the shell, it might not break the skin. You can probably make them so weak they don't come out of the barrel. This is just my theory.

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ArmeniAryanHitlerian 3 months ago

The blacker they are, the stupider they get.

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TinyCow 3 months ago

lol i really hope a load of niggers believe this and try it themselves. They need to aim straight back though.

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AppalachianAmerican 3 months ago

"Goony Goo-goo"

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