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After doing an autopsy on 40 recent deaths a top pathologist concluded that 30-40% died of the "vax" and then they SILENCED Him...

Published on 21 Jun 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough


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Paulsmithatkins 4 days ago

Marxist/Communist/Jews always threaten and silence anyone that expresses truth and honesty.

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Schmetterling 4 days ago

Many doctors have been fired or forced out> Frontline Medical Doctors in USA organized and helped people acquire scripts for Ivermectin. Finding pharmacy to fill it was the problem. My family member went to six before getting med for son. The usual suspects purposely did this to White Western nations compared to 2nd and 3rd World. Many of these German medical professionals are top in their field in the World. These scum want a medical healthcare collapse of the West that’s for sure. Use a fake pandemic to do it, make money, kill us off then threats to cover their tracks. They will take down alternative news next before the next one. It is how many got the word out. Control of the internet via anti Semititism laws (hate speech) and misinformation committees. They will go for the Gold total war next round. Be prepared for it.

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EXTTFAJ 4 days ago

Those so called vaxx are lethal injections custom made exclusively for White Adamic Israelite's !!

The fake ass jew news and radio stations are telling everyone , that the flood of hundreds of millions of invading subhumanity are exempt from getting the so called vaxx !!

That should send a message loud and clear , to every White Person on Earth aka ::

Genocide of the entire earthly population of White Adamic Israelite's : { germans - anglo saxons - celtics - nordic - scandinavians }:

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HisHumbleRemnant 4 days ago

Interestingly enough, Simone Gold, the head of front like doctors is a Jew. Didn't realise that for ages, myself.

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questeritorte 5 days ago

I'm sure the threats against those who would speak out are quite common.

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Scoops 5 days ago

May God damn them to hell

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GottMitUns 5 days ago

. Now what puzzles me is that the info is already out there and others can look into it now so you would think they would have made him come out and say it was totally wrong and discredit it then just have him stop speaking as others can do the research.

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