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Ahmaud Arbery - 2017 Arrest For Theft Of A Walmart Television

Published on 19 Feb 2022 / In Non-profits & Activism

⁣Ahmaud Arbery - 2017 Arrest For Theft Of A Walmart Television

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Gifted163 7 months ago

Nigger thinking: "Dese White fokes dun caught me on 'dere property, I'se casin' for loose shit layin' 'round, ya' knose, man? An' now I uh-gone be checkin' 'dis crackah's ass with a shotgun. Moffoks knose I'se a nigger and 'dey be raciss and shit for fuckin' wif me, huh? Ah beez outta jail befoe 'dey git back to 'dere crib!

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.45ACP 7 months ago

At the time of this arrest, the nigger Arbery was on federal probation for carrying a gun on school property. He was not a student of that school and the gun did not belong to him. Arbery SHOULD have been doing a dime in the federal penitentiary for this crime when he was rightfully blown away by Travis McMichaels. The police KNEW who this shitskin was and yet he never spent a day in jail for this theft or his probation violation.

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Danielle Marin
Danielle Marin 7 months ago

I remember how I felt when this video surfaced shortly after the whole "jogging" incident almost 2 years ago. Now I feel even more enraged - thinking about every single time the jew news features that story & only shows the same 2 pictures of that lowlife dindu thug - his graduation photo from 2013 and some other picture of him wearing a ballcap, WHITE man style, with the nice, short sleeved, collared Polo shirt - meanwhile, back at the ranch, they COULD have used any number of his arrest mugshots.
See the way he is in default mode dealing with the cops? Like an angry, hate-filled (hate for Whitey, especially dey cracka cop, yo) junior career criminal, who looks like he might even be psycho-angry enough to get some street cred & kill the cop.

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they put 3 white guys in prison for shoting this useless subhuman

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Deemax 7 months ago

They were just acting in character. Being a violent, lying thief is completely in character for these societal vermin. Their entire demographic should be taxed for the costs, pain and suffering they bring the world.

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