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Alerte ! Vaccin COVID-19 🇫🇷 Must Know (French w/English dub)

Ever Ishtar Ra
Published on 22 Apr 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣⁣🇫🇷 Covid-19 est le « virus Français »! Manufactured at the Louis Pasteur Institute, funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Links in video to data & proof.
Merci '⁣Ciel voilé'
12 November 2020

Professeur Jean-Bernard Fourtillan
Docteur Serge Rader
Docteur Christian Tal Schaller
Frederic Chaumont

⁣Ever Ishtar Ra 𒀭𒈹卐 Medicine Woman
Liberty & Justice For All
Odysee: @morningstardrive

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BasedAndAwake 2 months ago

phones can detect bio information from nanoparticles in the covid vaccine and send it to the same central server which controls social media and digital currency. the phones can also send signals to the nano particles to harm people. Also the vaccine contains HIV and malaria particle. It won't kill quickly but slowly and incrementally.

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