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ALL ignorant NIGGERS get Zapped DEAD by Lightning' so 😁

Knight OGITH
Published on 21 Apr 2022 / In Niggers

HAHA' Thats What you ignorant NIGGERS get for Being so Stupid' and Fuckin ignorant' so ⁣😁

but it Would be Even MORE Fun to Watch Them HANG by the KKK' so ⁣😁

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Aryan Reich
Aryan Reich 1 month ago

God just watering and fertilizing that tree.

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naryana_4478 3 months ago

good way to save rope. Let's just handcuff niggers to poles and wait until they starve to death or get electrocuted

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sparks32 4 months ago

Nice shot god, At least you are trying to correct your mistake.

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That is addictive to watch. "and I called fire down from heaven!!". Now all we need is to place all the flat screen TV's around that tree, and time it with the lightning. Problem solved.

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Hornet26 5 months ago

Took place in India apparently. app they all lived too. crazy!

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BasedAndAwake 5 months ago

new york post says 1 died, 1 badly burned, and 2 ok.

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