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ALL ignorant NIGGERS get Zapped DEAD by Lightning' so 😁

Knight OGITH
Published on 21 Apr 2022 / In Niggers

HAHA' Thats What you ignorant NIGGERS get for Being so Stupid' and Fuckin ignorant' so ⁣😁

but it Would be Even MORE Fun to Watch Them HANG by the KKK' so ⁣😁

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naryana_4478 8 days ago

good way to save rope. Let's just handcuff niggers to poles and wait until they starve to death or get electrocuted

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sparks32 17 days ago

Nice shot god, At least you are trying to correct your mistake.

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That is addictive to watch. "and I called fire down from heaven!!". Now all we need is to place all the flat screen TV's around that tree, and time it with the lightning. Problem solved.

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Hornet26 2 months ago

Took place in India apparently. app they all lived too. crazy!

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BasedAndAwake 2 months ago

new york post says 1 died, 1 badly burned, and 2 ok.

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tomtruther 2 months ago

Once again a fundamental ignorance of simple facts. I've known since I was old enough to remember not to go underneath a tree in a thunderstorm. They don't understand electricity. Somebody needs to start a Channel about blacks dying just because they're retarded monkeys. I'm sure there's a video out there of some monkey using his head to push things into a wood chipper... because of course they can't comprehend the internal workings of an engineered machine they probably think it's some kind of magic. It's like when there's a performer doing street magic. The white people are laughing and saying that was slick dude. The black people look horrified and frightened and sometimes even lash out at this voodoo..... kind of the same surprise like when Biden saw the Easter Bunny LOL

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